What Is An Adjective? Adjective Definition With Examples

Adjective Definition

Adjectives are those words which describe other words or modify them. Adjectives help a writer be more specific in writing, and it makes reading more interesting.

What Is An Adjective

Adjectives are used for quantifying and identifying individual people and specific things. They are found before either a noun or a pronoun, as they modify them. It is not necessary that a sentence would carry only one adjective; it can have multiple adjectives too.

Examples Of Adjectives

What-Is-An-Adjective What Is An Adjective? Adjective Definition With Examples

‘She lives in a big, beautiful house’; this is an example of a sentence, where big and beautiful are the two adjectives used.

Types Of Adjectives

There are different types of adjectives and it is integral to know about them so that they can be correctly used in a sentence.


The three articles, ‘a’, ‘the’ and ‘an’ are all adjectives. They describe things that are not specified properly. For example, ‘I’d like to go an adventure’; the adventure isn’t described here and ‘an’ is used as an adjective.

‘The’ is known as the definite article, which indicates specific things like ‘I want to go to ‘the’ Grand Canyon, for an adventure’. The place where the person wants to go can be identified here and is not vague.

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Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives are used to talk about possessions, like ‘his’, ‘her’, ‘their’ and, ‘its’. These adjectives can also be used as possessive pronouns.

Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives are used for specific people, animal, and things. For example, ‘this is my locker’, ‘this DVD is mine’; the ‘this’ in both sentences is a demonstrative adjective.

Coordinate Adjectives

These adjectives are usually separated using a comma or the word, ‘and’. They also appear one after the other and are used for modifying a noun.

For example, ‘dark night’ are coordinate adjectives. However, this doesn’t mean that if two adjectives appear in a series, they are coordinate adjectives.

For example, ‘green delivery truck’ are not coordinate adjectives. Usually, the word ‘and’ and a comma are used between coordinate adjectives, which is the best way to recognize them.

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Number Adjectives

These adjectives are used in sentences where the number is the adjective, like ’23 hotdogs’. They are usually used in a sentence that is an answer to a question, asking ‘How many?’

Indefinite Adjectives

Indefinite adjectives are used for describing non-specific things. For example, ‘do we have any jam left?’. Such sentences use indefinite pronouns, which is why they are recognizable.

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