Verb Definition

What Is A Verb – Verb Definition With Examples

Verb Definition

The words that describe an action in a sentence is called a verb. When a sentence is describing what the subject is doing, then verbs are used. Verbs are an integral part of a sentence, and phrase and they tell a story of what is happening.

Without using a verb, people won’t be able to fully convey their thoughts. Verbs are not only used in long and complex sentences but also in simple and short sentences, like ‘she sings’. If there is no subject, a verb can fully hold a sentence on its own.

Common Explanation

Verb-Definition What Is A Verb - Verb Definition With Examples

Teachers often tell students that verbs are ‘doing’ words. Doing words are those that emphasize on that part of the sentence, which talks about action, like ‘he ran away’. Ran is the verb in the sentence and it tells the reader, what action is taking place.

Non-Action Verbs

When verbs describe a state of being, then those verbs are called non-action verbs. These include, love, feel, and agree.

Recognition Of Verbs

Recognizing verbs in a sentence is not easy, but there are some things that students should look for. ‘Hannah eats her snacks quickly’; the verb in this sentence is ‘eats’.

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As the sentence suggests, the placement of the verb is next to the subject, so it would be right to say that the verb comes after the noun, which is Hannah in this case.

Physical Verbs

Physical verbs are those that describe physical action, like ‘run, ‘hear’ and ‘call’.

Mental verbs

Mental verbs are those that define a concept like discovering an unearthed monument or understanding the philosophy of Plato. In both phrases, discovering and understanding is mental verbs.

State Of being

These verbs are also called linking verbs; they describe situations and conditions. These verbs are inactive, which means that no action is taking place. For example, when someone says, ‘I am a student’, the ‘am’ is the state of being a verb.

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Action Verbs

Action verbs describe a specific action, like ‘she is dancing on the floor’ or ‘he is jumping from the bridge’. In these two sentences, the words ‘dancing’ and ‘jumping’ are action verbs.

Transitive verbs

Transitive verbs describe an activity which can be carried out, and it affects someone else or something else. For example, ‘He believed in John’; the word believed is the transitive verb here.

Lastly, stative verbs are those that express a state, like ‘disagree’, and not an action.

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