[English Grammar] What is a Conjunction? Its Important Rules

What is a Conjunction?

A conjunction is used to connect words, clauses, sentences, and even phrases. There are four types of conjunctions in the English Language.

Subordinating Conjunctions

The other name for this type of conjunction is subordinators. They are responsible for joining dependent clauses with the independent clauses.

Coordinating Conjunction

The other name for this is coordinators. The coordinators are used for connecting two sentences or more than two sentences.

Conjunction [English Grammar] What is a Conjunction? Its Important Rules

They connect clauses, words and other important parts of speech as well. The rule here is to coordinate those parts of speech that have syntactic importance.

Correlative Conjunction

This conjunction is responsible for joining phrases and words that hold a position of equal importance in a sentence.

Conjunction Adverbs

These adverbs connect one clause to another clause and are mainly used to show a sequence, a contract, cause and effect relationship, and other relationships.

Using A Sentence

54 [English Grammar] What is a Conjunction? Its Important Rules

When people start to learn and write, they start with small sentences. ‘I am a girl. I live in a house. I eat vegetables’. The role of conjunction here is to connect all the three sentences and turn it into a single sentence; “I am a girl, living in that house, and I eat vegetables.”

Rules to Follow

There are three most important rules of using conjunction in a sentence. The first one is to remember that conjunction connects different thoughts, actions, and ideas. It also connects nouns, different clauses with each other, and parts of speech.

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Secondly, conjunctions can be helpful when someone is making a list. For example, to make an omelet, you need eggs, onion, mushrooms, salt, and spices. Thirdly, when the conjunction is applied to a sentence, then every part of the sentence should agree with the other.

List of Conjunctions

Conjunction [English Grammar] What is a Conjunction? Its Important Rules

There are some common words which are used to connect sentences. Some of them include ‘and’, ‘as’,’because’, but’, ’for’, ’just as’, ’neither’, ’nor’ and,’ whether’. We use conjunctions so that sentences that have the same subject, are written together and they make some sense.

Examples Of Conjunctions

When we are writing a sentence like, ‘my brother likes animals. He bought a puppy. He bought a rabbit’. A conjunction can be used in this sentence to combine the last two sentences into one. The sentence would be, ‘He bought a puppy and a rabbit’.

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Using conjunctions would drive away from the need to use unnecessary sentences when something can be said in one sentence. It also shows the relationship between two things clearly.

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