[English Grammar] 9 Parts of Speech Definitions and Examples

Parts Of Speech

There are nine parts of speech, and at least two or three are found in every sentence that we read or write. In order to identify them and understand their purpose, it is best to know their definition and use in the English Language.

Parts-of-Speech [English Grammar] 9 Parts of Speech Definitions and Examples


A noun is used for three things; place, person and thing. A noun can be used for an abstract idea as well. Noun can be used as a subject in a sentence, an object or anything in between.

Capital letters are used for a noun when it is an official name or designation of someone. For example, the Caribbean is a noun, written with a capital letter.


Pronouns are those that are used instead of a noun or stand in their place. For example, instead of using the name Jack every time in a paragraph, ‘he’ can be written to refer to Jack. ‘He’ is the pronoun here.


A verb describes the action that is happening in a sentence. They also show the state of a being in a sentence, like using ‘is’ or ‘was’.

The tenses of verbs change based on when they happened (past and present tense). The subject of a sentence can either be singular or plural, like sing, dance, become and drink.


Adjectives are those that are used for describing a noun or a pronoun. For example, ‘the weather is hot’ is a sentence that uses hot as an adjective.

The sentence basically describes a noun. Saying that ‘he is poor’, would be using an adjective to describe a pronoun.


An adverb is something that either adds something to the verb being used or describes it. For example, ‘someone is softly singing outside’; the word softly is the adverb here.


A preposition is something that shows a relationship between a noun and another word, or a pronoun and other words. For example, ‘against the wall’ is a phrase, which uses against as a preposition.


A conjunction is those words which join sentences, namely ‘but’, ‘or’ and, ‘because’.


These are expressions or words that show some kind of emotions and are considered as complete sentences, like saying ‘Hurray’ or ‘whoops’.

Every person should know the parts of speech, to write English in the best way possible.


Articles are similar to adjectives as they modify nouns, and they are necessary to form a proper syntax. Articles used in sentences are ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’.

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